It’s Fire. Or, it’s not.

A Message From Our CEO:

At Fire., consistent quality & service is THE mission. You won’t find sub-par products on our shelves, being masqueraded as quality. We meticulously hand pick every strain and every product to ensure our customers walk out, with that fire in hand, after every purchase. Our budtenders are connoisseurs & they’re trusted by our customers because they tell it like it is. This really isn’t rocket science.”

“It’s Very Simple…. It’s Fire. Or, it’s not.”

Christopher Ross, CEO – Fire.

Premium Flower that exudes Quality with every puff.

Stealth mode activated!

There is a time and place for everything, but when it comes to privacy, vape pens certainly have their role. From distillate based cartridges to live-resin…from full spectrum shatter based carts to rosin based cartridges, we have partnered with the best vape pen brands to cover your needs at Fire.

Pre-rolls are the ultimate in convenience.

Just buy it and light it, but there’s nothing worse than getting home and finding out your pre-roll was made with shake, stems, or sugar leaves. Not so fast Corporate Cannabis! At Fire., our pre-rolls are always made from quality bud.

Dabs on Dabs on Dabs!

At Fire., we partner with only the best concentrate brands in Arizona to ensure our shelves are stocked with premium quality products in multiple textures, such as shatters, crumbles, sugars, budders, and rosin.  Our budtenders are long time members of the 710 Society, so rest assured, we have the knowledge to help you find the concentrates that will best meet your needs.


Ready to grow your own fire?